I am using bibtex to generate a reference list. Given those .tex and .bib files





author = {test},
title = {test},
year = {test},
pages = {1--2}

the result of running pdflatex, bibtex and pdflatex is similar to



[1] test. test, pages 1–2. test.

Note that using \usepackage{german} changes References to Literatur, while pages is untouched.

I would prefer to use S. instead of pages, but if it is only possible to hide pages completely, that's fine as well. How can I accomplish this?


Desired Output:



[1] test. test, S. 1–2. test.

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looks to me as if the plaindin.bst, in http://mirror.ctan.org/bibliography/bibtex/contrib/german/din1505.zip does what you want.

... at the very least, its pages function uses S

the real answer, i assume, would be to switch to biblatex (which is designed to do this sort of thing), but i'm not the person to help you there.

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