I need to place footnotes, declared inside \bTABLE \eTABLE, just under the table, delimited with a short rule.

|   table  |

I also need to \placetable this table correctly.


\usemodule  [simplefonts][size=12pt]


  \bTR \bTD text \eTD
       \bTD other \footnote{text} \eTD \eTR
  \bTR \bTD[nc=2] very long \footnote{not very} text \eTD \eTR


variant does not work. \placefigure just doing nothing. The table is not aligned to right.


All floating environments expect a \hbox. When you use \bTABLE .. \eTABLE \placelocalfootnotes you create a \vbox that messes up alignment. So, the solution is wrap everything in a \hbox. You can also use legends to create a semantic layer for the footnotes (and can later change the style and color using \setuplegend. Here is a complete example:

\setuplegend[before=\startlocalfootnotes, after=\stoplocalfootnotes]


             \bTD text \eTD 
             \bTD other \footnote{text} \eTD 
             \bTD[nc=2] very long \footnote{not very} text \eTD 

\input knuth


which gives

enter image description here

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