Note: While preparing the following question, I've spend about half an hour in trying to create a MWE. Then I solved the problem. So I rewrote the following to make it easy find this question with search engines / the internal search and easy to see if your problem is the same (So I removed any information that was only related to my problem).

I currently get the followin error when I try to compile my document:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.7     \tkzMarkAngle
! Emergency stop.
l.7     \tkzMarkAngle
!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
Transcript written on GeoTopo.log.

The document is

\documentclass[varwidth=true, border=2pt]{standalone}

    \tkzSetUpLine[line width=1]
    \tkzDefPoints{0/0/Q, 4/1/H1, 1/2/P}

    \tkzLabelPoint[above left](Q){$Q$}
    \tkzDefLine[parallel=through P](Q,H1) \tkzGetPoint{b}
    \tkzLabelPoint[above left](P){$P$}
    \tkzDrawLine[add=0.2 and 0.7](Q,P)
    \tkzMarkSegments[mark=||](Q,H1 P,b)

What causes this error?

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The problem was that I had multiple \usetkzobj{all} in my document. After removing all but one (and having that directly after \usepackage{tkz-euclide} in the preamble), the problem was solved.

Why the problem occured (and was difficult to find)

The problem occured, because I usally make a new folder for a new image, work on the image until it looks fine and then I paste the .tex-file to the figures folder. I use images like this:

    \caption{Situation aus \cref{prop:14.7}}

Including one of these files was ok, but not two.

So I have to remove evering souronding \begin{document} ... \begin{document} including the document-tag.

  • It's preferable to add \usetkzobj{all} in the preamble. In your case, it's not necessary to add this line. This command works like usetikzlibrary. It's not necessary to load a lot of objects... Objects are arcs, circles, lines, marks, points, polygons, protractor etc ... it's possible to create a list of the objects necessary for you. Feb 4, 2014 at 21:09

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