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I am using the following to define the footline element of my Beamer presentation:


\defbeamertemplate*{footline}{Institute} %the fontsize changes the size of the footer

 %   \vspace{0.4cm}
        % FAU Logo
%           \put(290.7,-9.85){\includegraphics[height=0.7cm]{templates/logos/logo_dummy}}
%       \end{picture}
            {\setstretch{10.0}\fontsize{5}{10}\selectfont \inserttitle \\[4pt] \insertauthor \par}
            %Page \insertframenumber{}/\inserttotalframenumber{}}
            Page \insertframenumber{}}
        % Page Counter
            %{\large Institute}\\
            %{\fontsize{4}{0}\selectfont\copyright~Institute, 2013\\[3pt]
            %Page \insertframenumber{}/\inserttotalframenumber{}}
            % \vspace{-0.5pt}

This results in a footer rendered as:

Example Screenshot

As you can see, the title lines have no whitespace (baselineskip) between them. I tried to

  • set \fontsize{x}{y}\selectfont to different values
  • manually set \baselineskip
  • change \setbeamerfont{footline}{size=\large}
  • change the size of the beamercolorboxes

however nothing helped separating the two title lines.

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The issue is adressed at https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/179255 and can be resolved by adding \normalbaselines to the code of the footline.

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