I have a variation of the question here which is about printing all citations from a .bib file sourced with \addbibresource{/path/to/file.bib}.

While there is much info around on segmenting the bibliograpy by type (e.g. article vs book), I would like to segment the bibliography by which .bib file holds the reference. I maintain .bib files for different topics and would like to issue full bibliographies for each of those collections.

I was thinking there might be an option for \printbibliography{} to segment by source (each \addbibresource{} file), but perhaps there is a 'better' way?

Minimal working example, with one list from one file only:




\printbibliography[title=References in collection X] %, type=article]

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    You could use the category-related stuff (\addtocategory, etc.), then have traditional bibliographical subdivisions. Or do it by keywords: give all entries in a .bib file the same, unique-to-that-file keyword, and then print bibliographies that way. – jon Jan 16 '14 at 19:40

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