I have made a class file. It defines commands for use in document files. I want to change some of the command names, but I also want old document files to work without changing them.

Here's an example to illustrate:


For this example I want to change "commandnameA" to "commandnameB" in the class file and have the document file work whether it contains \commandnameA{test} or \commandnameB{test}.

Any help is appreciated.

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\let\commandnameB\commandnameA in your class file. Then the two macros are the same!

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    or \def\commandnameB{\commandnameA} if you want to keep both in sync even after \commandnameA got redefined. Apr 10, 2011 at 12:41

You may add a warning that \commandnameA is deprecated:

  \ClassWarning{yourclass}{Command \string\commandnameA\space is deprecated.%
  \MessageBreak Use \string\commandnameA\space instead.}%

Since \commandnameA and/or \commandnameB expect an argument, Tobi's solution should have been

  \ClassWarning{myclass}{Command `\string\commandnameA' is deprecated.
  \MessageBreak Use `\string\commandnameB' instead}%

I have added \protected because \commandnameB is not expandable.

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