Is there a way to modify the bst file to format the references such that the page numbers and the conference titles are removed ?

For example, like this reference:

V. Raykar et al. “Supervised learning from multiple experts: Whom to trust when everyone lies a bit”. In: ICML (2009).

I was able to reduce long author list to et al by modifying the bst file following this post: BibTeX: How can I automatically reduce long author lists to "xxx et al."?.

  • Is there a particular bst file that you want to modify? – Jeroen Zuiddam Jan 19 '14 at 23:32
  • I want to modify the unsrt.bst – v4r Jan 20 '14 at 9:44

Make a copy of unsrt.bst with a different name. To ignore page numbers, find the function format.pages and change it to

FUNCTION {format.pages}
{ ""

To ignore the booktitle one can remove the line

format.in.ed.booktitle "booktitle" output.check

from the functions incollection and inproceedings. For a tutorial on BibTeX including a discussion of the .bst file see Tame the BeaST.

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