I found that a lovely typeface I wanted to use did not contain the graphs ǎ ě ǐ ǒ ǔ ǚ, which I need for Pinyin romanization in text mode. Discussion below takes ǎ as the example.

Using the graph ǎ as literal text or as its Unicode codepoint ^^^^01ce produces a blank; the normal caron-composition macro \v{a} etc. also produces a blank. Surely all three cases come about because the typeface lacks a glyph for the composite graph.

The glyph for \textasciicaron alone does exist in the font:

caron Gyre Termes

and I can create a passable rendering of ǎ manually using

`\rlap{\textasciicaron}\kern.7pt a` : 

ǎ normal Gyre Termes

The problem is that it does not render correctly either in boldface or italics (kerning adjusted to .1pt on the latter):

ǎ boldface Gyre Termes and ǎ italic Gyre Termes

I suppose that is because the \textasciicaron, either alone or overlaid, is not affected by those processes, at least not in standard syntax. FakeSlant and FakeBold similarly have no effect on \textasciicaron.

Can anyone suggest another line of attack to get these glyphs in bold and italic?

EDIT: My original posting concerned the font TeX Gyre Termes; shortly after posting, I realized that my version of the font was out of date and the new version has the glyphs I was discussing. So I have removed discussion of the font but left my question, since I think it is a valid one that I was unable to solve on my own.

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Example in Plain with XeTeX:

\font\termes="TeX Gyre Termes"
\font\bftermes="TeX Gyre Termes/B"
\font\ittermes="TeX Gyre Termes/I"
\def\caron#1{{\accent"02C7 #1}}
W\caron ass\caron{a}p?
W\caron ass\caron{a}p?
W\caron ass\caron{a}p?


  • Argh! I took a look at the date of my copy of TeX Gyre Termes and found it was 2008 (v. 1.103); the current version of the font is 2009 (v.2.004). And the graphs I was discussing are now there. So the problem remains as a general one but not for TeX Gyre Termes. I'll edit the post to reflect that. Apr 10, 2011 at 20:05

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