I am trying to follow this discussion, but I get the following error when I am trying to have a picture in the title.

My TeX

\usepackage[orientation=portrait, size=a0]{beamerposter} 

\setbeamersize{text margin left=0cm,text margin right=0cm} %removes left and right margins 


\vskip 50mm
    Hello world


I get the errors like this

Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF string (Unicode):
(hyperref)                removing `\@ifnextchar' on input line 22.

similar error message as here. I get an empty sheet after running the code.

How can you have a picture in the title of Beamer class for a poster?

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  • Your code works fine on my machine (with TeXWorks + MikTeX 2.9), after replacing logo.gif with image from the mwe package. – Herr K. Jan 20 '14 at 8:59
  • I removed the package mwe, and still the same problem. – Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 Jan 20 '14 at 10:18

pdflatex does not support the gif format! See the answer (<- link to answer) from Martin Scharrer. "Just" create a valid png with transparency and include it.

You can test the transparency for example by including it in a PowerPoint document.

Answer in a nutshell (pdftex manual, possible image types):

The image type is specified by the extension of the given file name: .png stands for png image, .jpg (or .jpeg) for jpeg, .jbig2 (preferred, but .jb2 works also) for jbig2, and .pdf for pdf file.

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  • You link to Martin, but you do not include the link to his answer. Can you update the link where you refer? There are many ways to create the transparency. OSX Preview and magic wand create very sharp corners. I have not been able create a good transparency with Photoshop CC. I have white background in the picture. – Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 Jan 20 '14 at 13:46
  • Hello. The link to the answer is the "answer". Maybe you didn't see it. But I can update my answer anyway and add the actual answer. – Dr. Manuel Kuehner Jan 20 '14 at 13:53
  • I accept this answer because it answers the question. My next problem is to have such a transparency which I accepts for my picture, probably created by Photoshop CC. – Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 Jan 20 '14 at 14:30



an image cannot be part of the bookmarks. And, of course, use a .png, .pdf or .jpg image format.

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  • of course...didn't see that it's part of the bookmark – Dr. Manuel Kuehner Jan 20 '14 at 14:04

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