I want to implement all the LaTeX code mentioned in Showcase TeX Typography for TUG's Calendar.

The implementation involves use of special fonts like Phaeton. I have installed it. But I don't get the same output as given. I get only the text rather than the image.

Here is the code which I have used (it's the same in the page given as well):

% save this document as example.tex
% compile this document with: xelatex -shell-escape example.tex

% Needed to make sure your page dimensions
% are the same as that of the calendar.








    % Clipping
    \clip (-0.5\textwidth+1cm,-0.5\textheight) rectangle (0.5\textwidth-1cm,0.5\textheight-2cm) ;
    % Background.
    \draw (0,0) node {\fontsize{48}{20.5}\selectfont\begin{minipage}{1.5\textwidth}\color{bgcolour}\ORN\ORN\end{minipage}} ;
    % Logo.
    \draw (0,0) node {\fontsize{120}{120}\selectfont\baner{6=======6}} ;
    \draw (0,0) node {\fontsize{48}{48}\selectfont\TeX\ \cword{AND} Friends} ;
    \draw (0,1.8) node {PROFESSOR DONALD KNUTH'S WORLD FAMOUS} ;
    \draw (0,4.5) node {\fontsize{120}{120}\selectfont\char"E00E} ;
    \draw (-4,4.5) node {\begin{minipage}{3cm}\fontsize{14}{16}\selectfont\centering\hrule\medskip\swash{\strut THE MOST POWERFUL\strut\ PROGRAM\strut}\medskip\hrule\end{minipage}} ;
    \draw (4,4.5) node {\begin{minipage}{3cm}\fontsize{14}{16}\selectfont\centering\hrule\medskip\swash{\strut OF ITS KIND AVAILABLE\strut\ TODAY\strut}\medskip\hrule\end{minipage}} ;
    \draw (0,-1.5) node {\fontsize{16}{16}\selectfont\swash{Available for all major operating systems.}} ;
    \draw (0,-5) node {\begin{minipage}{13cm}\fontsize{16}{20}\selectfont\cword{with} SUPPORT \cword{for} UNICODE \cword{and} OPENTYPE FONTS, \TeX\ \cword{and} ITS DERIVATIVES ARE \cword{the} IDEAL SOLUTION \cword{for} ALL YOUR TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY TYPESETTING NEEDS. \cword{the} IN-BUILT MACRO LANGUAGE ALLOWS YOU TO CUSTOMISE IT TO YOUR NEEDS. \cword{with} AUTOMATIC INDEXING \cword{and} REFERENCING, \cword{and} UNPARALLELED MATHEMATICS SUPPORT, THERE'S NO REASON NOT TO SWITCH TODAY.\end{minipage}} ;
    \draw (0,-9) node {\fontsize{120}{120}\selectfont\baner{1====1}} ;
    \draw (0,-8.7) node {ESTABLISHED 1978} ;

I had to give to whole document as MWE because now , I don't know where the error is.I have compiled through command line and using TexMaker. And this is what I get the output as :

enter image description here


It looks as if you downloaded a free font called Phaeton (perhaps from fonts101.com) rather than the commercial font called Phaeton (veer.com). They aren’t at all the same and don’t have the same features.

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