Consider the following example:



  \cs_new_eq:NN \calc \fp_eval:n



  \multido{\iA = 2+1, \iB = 1+1}{16}{%
    \psRelLine[angle = \Angle{\iA}](0,0)(2,0){\SideLength{\iB}}{A}}


When compiling, I get the error

! Number too big.
<argument> 7853981633
l.17 ...ngle{\iA}](0,0)(2,0){\SideLength{\iB}}{A}}

How do I fix this?


You are passing the full set of digits from l3fp back to pstricks, but that's too many! (The LaTeX3 FPU is IEEE-compliant so works at 16 digit precision.) In common with many TeX packages, pstricks is expecting a number here with no more digits than TeX will accept as a \number. Probably the easiest fix is to round within the FPU:



  \cs_new:Npn \calc #1 { \fp_eval:n { round ( #1 , 5 ) } }

depending on your use cases. (Five decimal digits is probably enough to pass back to most TeX end-uses.)

  • 2
    "5 digits should be enough for anyone." You may live to rue those words! – Loop Space Jan 20 '14 at 22:31
  • @AndrewStacey I did say 'probably' :-) Depending on the internal set up of what you send data back to, you may loose additional places in any case. (Picking up as a dimen is not uncommon, and that limits you to 5 d.p.) – Joseph Wright Jan 20 '14 at 22:32

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