I am using biblatex with biber to create multiple bibliographies within one document. Generally, I want the doi to be printed. Hence, I set doi=true. But for one particular bibliography, created within \refsection, I want to suppress the doi. Is it possible to change the doi setting for one refsection only? I could use an alternative bibfile for this section and remove all doi-entries from this files. But just changing a setting would be more convenient. Any ideas?


The various biblatex 'print'/'don't print' options are set up as 'toggles' of the form bbx:<name>. As such, they can be altered using \toggletrue/\togglefalse from the etoolbox package. You should therefore be able to do


just before your \printbibliography to turn off DOI printing. You'll need


to turn it back on again.

  • Thanks, it perfectly does the job. But it seems that it is working only for the style-specific biblatex options (doi,isbn,url,eprint). Is it possible to apply the same methodology to other bibtex items (like volume, number,...), too? – A. Groh Jan 21 '14 at 14:49
  • 1
    @A.Groh It works for optional items set up suing the 'toggle' system: basically the core doi/url/... stuff and others where that model has been followed. The style files used by biblatex are customisable at the LaTeX level, but that's a bit more involved, or using the Biber back-end you can 'filter' the data returned to biblatex. However, I think both of those approach are not the best for something simple like DOI, so I'd say constitute a different question! – Joseph Wright Jan 21 '14 at 15:26

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