I have managed to produce a table that looks like I imagined it to, so all is well there. The only problem I am having is with my footnote markers. I am using threeparttable and siunitx, and I want to mark statistically significant numbers with an asterisk. I have done this, but for some reason, negative numbers have a space between the number and the asterisk, but the positive numbers don't. How do I either get rid of the space on the negative numbers, or add it to the positive numbers (so that it is the same for negative and positive numbers).

I am quite new to LaTeX, and very much self taught, so do forgive me if I don't understand anything suggested.

I have added a simplified version of my table code below.


        \caption{test table}
                Period & Event & \multicolumn{1}{c}{Single} & \multicolumn{1}{c}{Multi}\\
                1901--2011 & El Ni\~{n}o &-2.69\tnote{*} & -1.03\\
                & La Ni\~{n}a & 2.98 & 8.48\tnote{*}\\
                \item[*] statistically significant at the 95\% level

Add table-align-text-post=false to your options. BTW % also ought to be treated as a unit ie use \SI{95}{\%} or \SI{95}{\percent}

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