Here is data about my problem that I consider relevant:

a) I'm using lualatex

b) Here is my prelude:




c) And here is the latex input of one of the problematic fragments:

A not very precise answer to 
this question would be 
``a system for which the
predictive  power of current human rationality is limited''

Now, the problem is that there are no openning quotation marks in the output, I get something like this:

``a system for ... " 

(there is a closing quotation mark with the correct glyph). The problem is somehow related to the font Fanwood; if I comment it everything works. But Fanwood has a glyph for open quotation marks at Unicode U+201C, I checked in "Character Map", a font and unicode inspector of Linux. So I suspect that there is something more...

Question: how do I get around this problem?

This of course could be the duplicate of some question, if so, please point it to me please! So far no luck.


This is not a flaw in Fanwood. To use ASCII notation for quotation marks and dashes with fontspec, add the feature [Ligatures=TeX]: \setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX]{Fanwood}. See section 10.1 of the fontspec manual.

  • Thanks! It works this way. I read into the fontspec manual and I found that ligatures for opentype are controlled by a separate option. – dsign Jan 22 '14 at 11:33

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