I am using biblatex with the authortitle-style and showing the references in footnotes using \autocite.

I use @manual for some of my bib-entries because they don't have an author or don't specify one.

How can I change the content of the footnote to show the author if available and fall back to the organization otherwise?

  • You can also specify an organisation in the author field; of course, you should only do that if the organisation really is the author of that particular @manual. See also §2.3.3 Corporate Authors and Editors, p. 30, of the biblatex documentation.
    – moewe
    Jan 23, 2014 at 17:48

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If the "organization" is indeed the author of the work, there is no harm in specifying the organization as author.

biblatex allows for §2.3.3 Corporate Authors and Editors, see the biblatex documentation.

You could go with

author      = {{National Aeronautics and Space Administration}},
shortauthor = {NASA},

for example.

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