I would like to rotate a TikZ text node by a degree that depends on the content length. So a text node with 20 characters should be rotated e.g. 20*0.1 = 2 degree, a text node with 100 characters for 100*0.1 = 10 degree. It does not matter if whitespace influences this or not.

Is it possible to do that somehow automatically, or do I need to count letters manually?


This is an approximation. First, calculate the average character width, then create a new command to add the node with the rotation set to <length of node text>/<average character length> * 0.1.

\newcommand{\rotatenode}[3][]{\node [rotate=width("{#3}")/\characterlength*0.1,#1] at (#2) {#3};}

enter image description here

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  • More than good enough approximation for my case, thanks! – TeXter Jan 24 '14 at 16:11

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