I want this

enter image description here

How can you make such an arrow for enumerate's items?


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This can be done using \tikzmark from the tikzmark library:


\begin{tikzpicture}[overlay, remember picture]
\draw [decoration={brace},decorate,thick]
   ( $ ({pic cs:#3}|-{pic cs:#2}) + (#1,1.3ex) $ ) --  
    node[anchor=west,xshift=5pt,text width=5cm] {#4} 
  ( $ (pic cs:#3) + (#1,0) $ );


\MyText[2em]{start1}{end1}{some explanatory text}
\MyText[2em]{start2}{end2}{some explanatory text}
\item First item.\tikzmark{start1}
\item Second item.\tikzmark{end1}
\item Third item.
\item Fourth item.\tikzmark{start2}
\item Fifth item.
\item Sixth item with more text.\tikzmark{end2}


enter image description here

You set some marks using \tikzmark and then use \MyText to draw the brace between the marks; the optional argument allows to control the horizontal distance between the previous text and the brace. The second and third arguments are for the initial and final marks, and the fourth argument for the text besides the brace.


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