Aside from when I read The TeXbook, I have only ever used TeX for immediate problems. But, I have to familiarize myself with typography in general, for a job. I am finding the documentation in TeX Live to be helpful. But, are you aware of anywhere to find exercise documents?

I mean, example layouts which you would attempt to duplicate using TeX or anything else.

Using the package documentation, I search through it to see something that looks like it would be a good exercise and then try to duplicate it.


Regarding typography as such, I would suggest you grab Bringhurst's Elements of typographic style, which is pretty much a reference in the field. He gives many examples of page layouts and formats, which you could try to reproduce – right, he doesn't give you LaTeX answers, but you can try on your own and ask a question here if you don't manage to get something right.

The other piece of advice would be to look at the possibilities offered by Peter Wilson's memoir class (including its rich documentation). You will find two related documents which are

You could practice with them and try to change some of the parameters to achieve different layouts. I know this isn't like an exercise book, but you can set yourself your own objectives (e.g. take a layout that resembles a book you have and tweak it so it becomes as close as possible to that design, or take a layout that does not resemble it at all and find out how to alter it properly).

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