This is a precursor to my real question. But for whatever reason, when I tried reducing my code for something to post here, I got more errors. In particular, the following code gives me an error with the \endcsname in the \foreach loop. While the loop doesn't do anything like what I want it to, in my original code it actually compiled. Now in this snippet I get an error message about a missing \endcsname. Could someone please point out what I'm obviously overlooking?




  \expandafter\def\csname ae@slogan@#1/main\endcsname{#2}}

  \expandafter\def\csname ae@slogan@#1@max\endcsname{#2}%%'0
  \expandafter\def\csname ae@slogan@#1.#2\endcsname{#5}}

    \xdef\aemax{\csname ae@slogan@\ae@first @max\endcsname}%%
    \typeout{====> MAX=\aemax}%%'
  \csname ae@slogan@#1.#2\endcsname}

      \foreach \myx in {1,2,...,\aemax}
      {\typeout{==> (\myx|\ae@first) \csname ae@slogan@\ae@first.\myx \endcsname}%%' :\ae@list   


%% define slogans
\slogan*{1}{First of all train in the preliminaries}





The error message

====> MAX=3
! Missing \endcsname inserted.
<to be read again> 
l.65   \slogan{1}
  • \usepackage{fixltx2e} will robustify a number of fragile LaTeX commands, including \rule. It, too, will fix your code, for the reasons that David cites in his answer. – Steven B. Segletes Feb 3 '14 at 0:14

\rule is a fragile command so you can not use it in a \write without \protect.

\slogan*{1.1}{Arithmetic \protect\rule{1em}{2pt}}
  • Argh. I knew I was overlooking something. Stay tuned for my real question because it's this same issue, I think, popping up all over again, but I can't seem to get it to work. – A.Ellett Feb 2 '14 at 22:09

I'm unable to get even the slightest idea what your code is supposed to do, however, putting \tracingmacros=1 before \slogan{1} shows the following:

\ae@set@ #1.#2.#3.#4:#5\@nil ->\expandafter \def \csname ae@slogan@#1@max\endcs
name {#2}\expandafter \def \csname ae@slogan@#1.#2\endcsname {#5}
! Missing \endcsname inserted.
<to be read again> 
l.65   \slogan{1}

Since #1 is \def which is not expandable, it can't be used inside \csname...\endcsname.

  • That's where I was getting stuck. There's no \def there to complain about. – A.Ellett Feb 2 '14 at 22:07
  • @A.Ellett the \def is random fallout from inappropriate expansion of the \@ifnextchar in the optional argument handling for \rule which doesn't work in a \write – David Carlisle Feb 2 '14 at 22:10
  • My code is supposed to define a series of slogans when called as \slogan*{<number>}{<content>}. The code should then present the slogan when called as \slogan{<number>}. Some slogans have subslogans affiliated with them. When calling the master slogan, I was thinking it would be nice to print a list of the subslogans too. It seems, via @DavidCarlisle 's comments and answer, that it isn't in how I'm defining the slogans but in the combination of \typeouts that expansion issues are getting confounded. – A.Ellett Feb 2 '14 at 22:41

I actually need an alternative to @davidcarlisle 's answer because I cannot rely upon the content passed to \typeout having fragile commands appropriately \protected. Here's a solution which also works by making a call to \detokenize:

Instead of calling

  \foreach \myx in {1,2,...,\aemax}
  {\typeout{==> (\myx|\ae@first) \csname ae@slogan@\ae@first.\myx \endcsname}%%' :\ae@list   

I could instead call

  \foreach \myx in {1,2,...,\aemax}
  {\typeout{==> (\myx|\ae@first) \detokenize\expandafter\expandafter\expandafter{\csname ae@slogan@\ae@first.\myx \endcsname}%%' :\ae@list   

Nevertheless, many thanks to David because I hadn't been thinking about issues with \typeout{...}.

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