When I insert figures into my tex,sometimes it goes out of the page. Can you please suggest a method to avoid this.


adjustbox is your friend. Load adjustbox with export option:


And add max width=\linewidth in the options of \includegraphics. The images will be scaled only if they are broader than the \textwidth/\linewidth (as the case may be)

\usepackage{showframe}   %% just for demo
\includegraphics[width=2\textwidth,,max width=\linewidth]{example-image-a}

\includegraphics[width=0.5\textwidth,,max width=\linewidth]{example-image-a}

enter image description here

You can make a macro if you like:

  \oldincludegraphics[#1,max width=\linewidth]{#2}}

Now you can use


as usual.

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