I'm just starting to use Latex and I was wondering if it's possible to produce a graphic like the following.


It seems like I would have to start with something like a table and then somehow add in the arrows. Any pointers to produce something like this would appreciated.


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One possibility using TikZ; you place some nodes and then draw the arrows:



  inner sep=2pt
shorten >= 3pt,
shorten <= 3pt
\node[mydot,label={left:1}] (a1) {}; 
\node[mydot,below=of a1,label={left:2}] (a2) {}; 
\node[mydot,below=of a2,label={left:3}] (a3) {}; 
\node[mydot,below=of a3,label={left:4}] (a4) {}; 

\node[mydot,right=2cm of a1,label={right:1}] (b1) {}; 
\node[mydot,below=of b1,label={right:2}] (b2) {}; 
\node[mydot,below=of b2,label={right:3}] (b3) {}; 
\node[mydot,below=of b3,label={right:4}] (b4) {}; 

\path[->] (a1) edge (b1)
  edge (b2)
  edge (b3)
  edge (b4);
\path[->] (a2) edge (b3)
  edge (b4);
\path[->] (a3) edge (b1)
  edge (b3);
\path[->] (a4) edge (b2) 
  edge (b4);


enter image description here

A more "traditional" approach using the picture environment:









enter image description here

  • That's exactly what I need. Thanks! Another quick question though, what does this part >=latex, shorten >= 3pt, shorten <= 3pt do? Commented Feb 4, 2014 at 3:57
  • @user3254763 those options shorten the start (shorten <= 3pt) and end (shorten >= 3pt) of the arrows so they don't touch the filled circles. Commented Feb 4, 2014 at 4:10

With PSTricks just for fun as usual.

[name=l1]   & [name=r1]\\
[name=l2]   & [name=r2]\\
[name=l3]   & [name=r3]\\
[name=l4]   & [name=r4]
% just add your own connecting lines here

enter image description here

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