I'm trying to work with a custom pagestyle. I want to have the chapter name and the section name in the odd page header... but I also need to use a mini page environment (or WANT to use one anyway) and latex is not recognizing a section in the minipage... I tried it with parbox as well and it also won't work. Any ideas other than abandoning the minipage.


\makeoddhead{teststyle}{}{\leftmark * \rightmark}{\thepage} 
\makeevenhead{teststyle}{\thepage}{ book name}{}
\createmark{chapter}{both} {nonumber}{ }{. \ }
\createmark{section}{right} {nonumber}{ }{. \ }}


\chapter{Name of Chapter}

\small This is on the Left
\section{Name of Section}
\hfill \small This is on the right


\section{Non Minipage Section}


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Your \section is getting "trapped" inside the minipage, and therefore its marking information doesn't, as it were, get out. Although I wouldn't be surprised by some wizardly solutions, the simplest thing to do is probably to use the \markright command, which is what \rightmark contains in a normal document. In essence, your document is using:

\markboth{<main mark>}{<sub mark>}
\markright{<sub mark>}



respectively contain the most recent <main mark> and <sub mark> text. Thus, if you want this line ---

\makeoddhead{teststyle}{}{\leftmark{} * \rightmark}{\thepage}% Note the difference the added "{}" makes

--- to work normally, all you need add is:

\markright{Name of Section}%  where "Name of Section" == the section title in the minipage

If you want the \rightmark to be upper-cased as is the default in memoir, then ---

\markright{\MakeUppercase{Name of Section}}

--- should do the trick.

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