I have just downloaded WinEdt 8.1.

In the toolbar I do not find all the commands to type delimiters like {, that we use when typing latex commands?

I do not find the accents too.

Thank you

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    In winedt 8.0 you get them when you use view->tex gui symbols. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 6 '14 at 12:42

You can have a shortcut to obtain the pair { } and the cursor in the middle: open MainMenu.ini with the Options interface and find the MENU="Shortcuts"section. Add these lines at the beginning of this section:

ITEM="{ }"

Moreover, if you select a piece of text, the same shortcut will put a pair of braces around it.

You can change the shortcut if it doesn't fit your keyboard: this one is interesting for my french keyboard, because "{" is obtained on the same key as "4", so for me it is "Alt+{" really. Just adapt it to a significant shortcut.

You can of course do the same for a pair of brackets.

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