Is there any auto-completion or suggestion available for commands in TeXworks? I am a beginner.


From the TeXworks site, referring to Using code completion:

TeXworks comes with an expandable set of code templates that can easily be inserted into a (La)TeX document. To insert a code template, type the first few characters of the pattern name and press <Tab>. The code template best matching the characters you typed will be inserted and highlighted. If there are multiple code templates starting with the characters you typed press <Tab> to cycle through the possibilities.

Some code templates include bullet characters . These act as placeholders where text should be inserted. Use <Ctrl>+<Tab> and <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<Tab> (<Alt>+<Tab> and <Alt>+<Shift>+<Tab> on Mac) to navigate between those placeholders.

For example, if you type \begin{min and press <Tab>, TeXworks will produce


You can navigate between the placeholders (the black dots) as described above. Try typing \te and keep pressing <Tab> to see a list of several possibilities suggested.

You can also customize code completion; follow the link I provided and go down to the section Customizing code completion.

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I suggest you to use a hotkey expander, as it will save you a lot of time typing TeX code. I use three different products, depending on the operating system I'm on:

  • Autohotkey under Windows
  • Autokey under Linux
  • TextExpander under Mac OS

The general procedure is always the same, one defines a hotkey, this hotkey is then expanded whenever it is printed.

Here are a few examples from Autohotkey which I use most of the time:

  • if I type s# Autohotkey expands this to \section{} and places the cursor before the closing brace
  • If I type h-# it gets expanded to the current date in ISO notation: 2014-02-07

I have compiled a list of useful hotkeys for an upcoming article in the German Die TeXnische Komödie under http://uweziegenhagen.de/?p=2875

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