I manage my bibliography using BibDesk on Mac OS X.

I have a presentation using Beamer on which I would like to include some bibliographies. I am using TeXShop to do that.

What I know is that I have to put the .bib near my .tex file to compile, and use \cite{} to cite articles. Here is what I have done so far, I created a frame called Bibliographie. I cited an article Gordillo:2013aa. And I mentionned the path to my centralized .bib.


sds \cite{Gordillo:2013aa}

\bibliography{/Users/Alji/Google Drive/Recherche/Papers/LibraryBibDesk.bib}


----> It does not work under TexShop, I get this : enter image description here

I am looking for a general explanation that help me understand the way things work. I found it here How do I use my .bib file with TexShop but I am still having problems ...

Thank you in advance


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Once you compile your document you will need to also compile the bibliography. In TexShop there is a drop-down menu that defaults to LaTeX change it to BibTeX and press typeset (I usually do this twice). Then recompile your document with LaTeX twice and your reference should appear or errors on the BibTeX step.


you can typeset tex file, typeset it again wit bibtex, then typeset it twice OR using macro in TeXShop that will do all these steps for you

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