I thought this would sound crazy, but there have been similar questions already:

I’m producing a single-sided document, i.e. pages appear only on the recto side of sheets. When arranged in a double-side spread, nevertheless, this would be the right side. For single sheets it’s the front side. Only these are numbered, of course.

Temporary content may appear on verso (= back or left) pages, though. By that, I mean stuff that is only relevant during the drafting process, i.e. document option draft is set or final is not.

In this stage of document preparation, I would like to put to-do notes (which may contain graphics and tables) and full bibliographic entries for all citations that appear in the current (recto) page onto an adjacent verso page.

All of this is mainly relevant for proof-reading a print-out. It should be possible to switch which verso page is used for the draft-only content, though. I want it to be on the following verso page (accessible by turning the sheet), if I’m checking few single pages. I want it to be on the preceding verso page (accessed by looking left), when checking the whole document, which is probably stapled.

  \let\todo\fxnote % we don’t need the prefix flexibility from FiXme
  @book{foo2014,author = {Foo Bar},year = {2014},title = {Baz}}
This is text on a recto page.
\autocite[This citation appears in the document bibliography, 
          but also on a verso page.]{foo2014}
\todo{This to-do note appears on a verso page,
      a marker is put into the margin.}

This is more text on a recto page.
This is text on another recto page.

The to-do packages easy-todo and todonotes both provide a command \listoftodos to output all notes in a central place, but both only support a single list for all to-dos, not limited to a chapter, section or (as I need) page. The package FiXme seems more promising, although its \listoffixmes is also global.

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  • The dimension of listoffixmes or \listoftodos can be limited very easy. However most of your question irritates me :-) (Sorry). – Marco Daniel Feb 15 '14 at 14:36
  • Can you make your question a bit more precise? I have just read it twice and still only have a very rough idea of what you want to do. Maybe a mockup graphic might help... – moewe Aug 16 '15 at 7:30