I need to point to a label on a page, but as my text is layed out in two columns, I'd also like to include the column (1 or 2). Is there a way to find out which column a label is in?

\section{First chapter}
Some text explaining some things.
... see page \pageref{explanation} for ...


I'd like to use something like:

see page \pageref{explanation}, column \columnref{explanation} for ...


ps. the document class is provided by someone else and it defines the two-column format.


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This is an attempt.

The class icgg.cls loads hyperref. We create a new command \collabel which is executed each time a \label command is issued.

If, for example, you issue \label{foo} a new label called col:foo is created at the same point of the document. if you want to know the column to which \label{foo} refers to, you have to use the command \columnref{col:foo}.

Here's an example (replace \documentclass[twocolumn]{article} \usepackage{hyperref} with \documentclass{icgg} in your document):

\usepackage{lipsum} %only for the example

        {\if@firstcolumn 1\else 2\fi}%


\section{First section}\label{sec:first}

\section{Second section}\label{sec:second}

Section \ref{sec:first} starts at page \pageref{sec:first} in column \columnref{col:sec:first}, 
while section \ref{sec:second} starts at page \pageref{sec:second} in column \columnref{col:sec:second}



enter image description here

Zoom on the relevant part:

enter image description here

Note that the command \if@firstcolumn sometimes fails to detect the right column, so you may have some wrong references.

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