I need to write some romanized foreign words within a passage of English text. Generally, such words should appear as slanted text. I created this simple document and noticed that while both \it and \empth both slant the text, the appearance of the letters is quite different:

    {\it Test}

With the default fonts, the first example has a more rounded "e" and the start and end points of "s" end in with a small rounded shape, however, both texts appear slanted.

Which is the correct way to slant foreign-language text in ConTeXt?


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\it is the font switch for italic, \emph is slanted by default but it is configurable. To change the default from slanted to italic, use:


For slanted use \slanted{Test} or the font switch \sl. However, it would be better to use semantic markup instead of hard coding the style into your document. Here's an example:


  Lorem ipsum \foreign{dolor sit amet}, consetetur.


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