So I'm using beamerthemeI6dv.sty on ShareLaTeX the beamer poster template.

I keep getting this error that \setbeamerfont{footline}{fg=white, size=\normalsize} and \setbeamerfont*{example title}{size=\large,series=\bf,bg=i6colorscheme1,fg=white} have errors, but I'm not seeing what's wrong with them. ShareLaTeX says that fg and bg aren't defined, yet the lines before them which have the same variables aren't marked errors.

Also when I tried to compile, on the poster .tex file it says that \begin{document} was an error, which I also don't understand.

One more question, how can you format the poster so that it's made for a standard tri-fold poster board?


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I have found solution that worked well.

The Error is in file 'beamerthemeconfposter.sty'

Basically the solution is to remove the following parameters

  1. In line 33 Remove: fg=white
  2. In line 45 Remove: bg=i6colorscheme1,fg=white

basically its an issue with the

\setbeamerfont macro

Same issue is being answered here as well. basic beamerposter example, keyval error

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