I'm writing a book of probability in arabic, and was using for this arabtex, which is now obsolete for my use. I've done my migration to polyglossia arabic, by the way,

\newfontfamily\arabicfont[Script=Arabic]{Traditional Arabic}

I've a problem now. The comma was automatically changed in arabic comma (،) by arabtex, but this is not done by my new packages. How can I obtain this. Precisely, how to obtain the arabic comma (،) in compilation when I write (,) in my .tex file ? Thank you for reply.

I have the reflex to write , instead of ، even when I write arabic text, and a chance is that it is transformed in arabtex in arabic comma... I can replace the character , by the character ، with the editor (here texmaker) but not automatically because in mathematics mode (between $) it's not taken in account and, if $f(x,y)$ is replaced by $f(x،y)$ is compiled $f(x y)$, which is clearly a problem... The mapping what you are talking about must solve this problem, of comma in text, and comma in mathematics. Thanks


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This can be done with Mapping in fontspec. See the accepted answer to this question for how to create a new mapping.

But why do you have non-Arabic commas in an Arabic text anyway? Isn't U+060C used normally when typing Arabic, instead of U+002C?

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