I'm writing a book of probability in arabic, and was using for this arabtex, which is now obsolete for my use. I've done my migration to polyglossia arabic, by the way,

\newfontfamily\arabicfont[Script=Arabic]{Traditional Arabic}

I've a problem now. The comma was automatically changed in arabic comma (،) by arabtex, but this is not done by my new packages. How can I obtain this. Precisely, how to obtain the arabic comma (،) in compilation when I write (,) in my .tex file ? Thank you for reply.

I have the reflex to write , instead of ، even when I write arabic text, and a chance is that it is transformed in arabtex in arabic comma... I can replace the character , by the character ، with the editor (here texmaker) but not automatically because in mathematics mode (between $) it's not taken in account and, if $f(x,y)$ is replaced by $f(x،y)$ is compiled $f(x y)$, which is clearly a problem... The mapping what you are talking about must solve this problem, of comma in text, and comma in mathematics. Thanks


This can be done with Mapping in fontspec. See the accepted answer to this question for how to create a new mapping.

But why do you have non-Arabic commas in an Arabic text anyway? Isn't U+060C used normally when typing Arabic, instead of U+002C?

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