This is my primative code:


\newcommand{\setvalue}[1]{\pgfkeys{/variables, #1}}
  /variables/#1.is family,
  /variables/#1.unknown/.style = {\pgfkeyscurrentpath/\pgfkeyscurrentname/.initial = ##1}
\setvalue{varL = \StrLen{Hellow}}
\forloop{loop}{1}{\value{loop}< \protect\getvalue{varL}}{{\arabic{loop}}}

This is just the start of my bigger macro, but LaTeX does not like this command:

\value{loop}< \protect\getvalue{varL}

I need to send to \fooloop macro length of the word, which is changeable.

How I can solve the problem?

Thank you in advanced.

  • \getvalue{varL} is also integer or not? So why It should not work?
    – saldenisov
    Feb 11 '14 at 22:01

Code should be changed like this:

\forloop{loop}{1}{\value{loop}< \protect\getvalue{varL}}{{\arabic{loop}}}

Then it will work.

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