I'm keen to use the fantastic dark themes from this question but I can't get TexStudio to actually 'read' the colours from the .texsprofile file.

I'm using TexStudio 2.6.2 on Linux Mint 16.

I also have a TexStudio installation on Windows 7 and I save the .texsprofile file by doing Options > Save Settings... But when I do Options > Load Settings... in my Linux installation, nothing changes. The colours are exactly as they were before!

Can anyone help me get the themes from the above-mentioned question into my TexStudio installation?

  • I’d say, the profile file isn’t complete. Try to add [General]<line break>IniMode=true in the first two lines, does this help? – Tobi Feb 12 '14 at 15:06
  • Hi @Tobi, thanks, but those lines are already present! – LondonRob Feb 12 '14 at 15:09
  • Hm, sorry … try to add Macros\0=some Macro, %SCRIPT\neditor.insertText(\"%\\n\"), , (line ends with a space) in the [texmaker] with a text editor and then import the profile agin. Do you get a new macro in the macro menu? Btw. did sou restart the app after importing the file? – Tobi Feb 12 '14 at 15:11
  • Oh! I'm a fool. I needed to restart TexMaker before the profile was applied. This is weird! Perhaps there's a message needed here... If you make this the answer to the question, I'll accept it. – LondonRob Feb 12 '14 at 15:16
  • try close textstudio and init.. – user49357 Apr 6 '14 at 13:36

Simple answer: The profile is read only once when TeXstudio opens. Any changes that are made while it is running take affect after restarting the app. I suggest to quit TeXstudio before changing things in the profile manually. Otherwise manual changes and changes done by TeXstudio (e.g. adding a file to the “latest files” list) may interfere with each other and give bad results.

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