I am using Texstudio following it's installation from ProTeXt-3.1.3-060313.exe ona Windows 8 machine.

For some reason, when I tried to install natbib, by following the instructions at


when I try to latex natbib.ins I get an error

Could not start Latex: Latex:
latex.ex -crc -interaction= nonstopmode "bibentry".tex.

followed by

Log file not found!

Why is this not working?

A separate yet related question: I also tried to install natbib from the MikTex package manager, but there I hit a problem in that for all the repositories I tried the plus sign for installation is always greyed out for natbib (and most packages for that matter). Why is that?

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    I doubt that TeXstudio really tries to start "latex.ex -crc". Also your command line tries to compile bibentry.tex and not natbib. So try to bit more precise regarding messages. You can install natbib with the package manager of miktex. There is not need to run some ins-files or do some manual installation. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 13 '14 at 17:30
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