When the Roman characters [a-z0-9] and Chinese characters alternate in XeLaTeX, a space is automatically entered between the two types of character. For example, both Abcde我fg and Abcde 我 fg produce:

spaces entered

Ordinarily, it is stylistically correct to include these spaces, but my question is whether there is a straightforward way to suppress them if I choose to for certain reasons.

(I am using the packages xeCJK and fontspec.)


The \CJKsetecglue command sets the separation character between Chinese and English blocks of text, the default being \CJKsetecglue{ }. So a simple \CJKsetecglue{} should do the trick.

  • It certainly does. Short and sweet — the kind of TeX solution I like best. Thanks! – brannerchinese Apr 18 '11 at 12:10

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