When the Roman characters [a-z0-9] and Chinese characters alternate in XeLaTeX, a space is automatically entered between the two types of character. For example, both Abcde我fg and Abcde 我 fg produce:

spaces entered

Ordinarily, it is stylistically correct to include these spaces, but my question is whether there is a straightforward way to suppress them if I choose to for certain reasons.

(I am using the packages xeCJK and fontspec.)

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The \CJKsetecglue command sets the separation character between Chinese and English blocks of text, the default being \CJKsetecglue{ }. So a simple \CJKsetecglue{} should do the trick.

  • It certainly does. Short and sweet — the kind of TeX solution I like best. Thanks! Commented Apr 18, 2011 at 12:10

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