Is there a possibility to shear (any) LaTeX text or the output of a mathematical formula as it would be obtained as a result from looking at a different angle/viewport?

I do not mean mere rotating of text, that would not be sufficient.


One option:


  \tikz\node[#1] {#2};%


\MyText[xslant=1.4]{\Huge Some text}
\MyText[xslant=0.5,yslant=1.5]{\Huge Some text}
\MyText[xslant=1,yslant=0.5,rotate=-30]{\Huge Some text}


enter image description here

  • Nice answer/solution -I have already considered using a tikz based solution, but I am not a frequent user of tikz features, so I dropped it due to thinking it would be to difficult. Most probably, there is no 'pure` LaTeX solution, without graphical bypassing? – user31729 Feb 16 '14 at 7:19

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