Consider the following code that produces vertices on a line.




\tikzset{VertexStyle/.append style = {minimum size = 8pt, inner sep = 0pt}}     

% Lpos=90 now affects every vertex in this "set"!



By adding things like Lpos=90 as an option to \Vertices, I can affect the style of each vertex in the "set" that happens to be a line. However, is it possible to set options for individual options in a "set"? For example, could I pass in some options to only have a label visible for say the vertices b and e?

Motivation: I already have a picture using a line, and other vertices that depend on the vertices in it. However, I realized some vertices on the line need a label. I'd like to avoid removing the \Vertices command and drawing each vertex on the line as an individual vertex.

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