I am using a template for a conference. See file icmcsmc2014.sty.

They define IEEEtran as bibtex environment. Now I really want to display the name of the author on some citations. Normally I would use \citet, however IEEEtran does not allow this. Based on this post I tried adding


Now citet is recognised, but it displays "author?". I think it is a clash with the stylesheet of so.

enter image description here

Any ideas?

A second issue I am having is that the title of the references is not displayed, but printed in small below the empty title with the number.

Here is a minimal working example and the sty file that comes alongs with it. Sorry I didn't see an upload button and was unsure on how to attach the sty file. I will also put the min working example here:




  title={Composing Fifth Species Counterpoint Music With A Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm},
  author={Herremans, Dorien and S{\"o}rensen, Kenneth},
  journal={Expert Systems with Applications},

% \usepackage{cite}
%   \usepackage{multibib}

% ***************************************** the document starts here ***************


Here I want the author name to occur with citet as it is said by \citet{herremans2013composing}.

%   \bibliographystyle{IEEEtran}
%   \bibliographystyle{natbib}


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For the interested reader, loading natbib before the template already solves my section title problem.

Also commenting out \bibliographystyle{IEEEtran} in the template solves it. Though I am a bit concerned about the journal using the original .sty file.

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