I want some words in my theorem environment to not be italic. I know there are simple ways to get the entire theorem in roman, but I'm looking for an italic theorem with specified words in roman.

I tried:



I want \textrm{this} word to be non-italic.

But apparently \textrm is not the way to go because everything is still italic


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I want \textup{this} word to be non-italic.
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    This is the best answer to the question as posed. \emph is a semantic annotation to convey emphasis. It's only in certain document styles that it toggles between roman and italic. (One could argue that visual markup shouldn't be used in the end document at all, but that's a different issue altogether.)
    – mhelvens
    Oct 26, 2015 at 17:07

Use the \emph command to emphasize a word. Normally, this will italicize the word, but if you are already in italics mode, it will do the opposite.

  • As a bonus, putting math inside \emph{} within italics mode (e.g., in a theorem) also appears to correct the poor spacing that often occurs otherwise. Aug 4 at 23:26

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