here's a problem I have: I want my gantt bars to have two types of labels -- one on the side of the chart, and one inline -- and I'm having a hard time making it work. The code I use to generate the chart is listed below:

x unit=1cm,
title height=1]{12}{12}
  \gantttitle{Quarters}{12} \\
  \gantttitlelist{1,...,12}{1} \\
  \gantttitle{Year 1}{4}
  \gantttitle{Year 2}{4}
  \gantttitle{Year 3}{4}\\
\ganttbar{WP1 Theoretical part}{1}{5} \\
\ganttbar{WP1 Experimental part}{2}{6} \\
\ganttbar{WP2 Theoretical part}{7}{11}\\
\ganttbar{WP2 Experimental part}{8}{12}\\
\ganttbar[bar/.append style={fill=gray,pattern=north east lines}]{WP3 Theoretical part}{6}{12}\\
\ganttbar[bar/.append style={fill=gray,pattern=north east lines}]{WP3 Experimental part}{7}{12}

And the idea is to have WPx labels on the left of the chart, but "Theoretical/experimental part" labels inside the bars. Is it possible to make this with pgfgantt?

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You could use two \ganttbars; the second one using the inline option. Below, this approach, thorough a command:

\Dganttbar{<side text>}{<inline text>}{<start>}{<end>}

The code:


  \ganttbar{#1}{#3}{#4}\ganttbar[inline,bar label font=\footnotesize]{#2}{#3}{#4}


\gantttitle{2011}{12} \\
\gantttitlelist{1,...,12}{1} \\
\Dganttbar{WP1}{Theoretical part}{1}{5} \\
\Dganttbar{WP1}{Experimental part}{2}{6} \\
\Dganttbar{WP2}{Theoretical part}{7}{11}\\
\Dganttbar{WP2}{Experimental part}{8}{12}\\


enter image description here

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    @pkazmierczak You're welcome! I edited my answer suppressing a superfluous ` \\ ` command. Commented Feb 23, 2014 at 18:20
  • That is a nice solution indeed! Nevertheless, unfortunately I'm loosing all my other ganttbar-options like [progress=00, name=test1] when using it. How can I combine your nice text option AND the original options? It should look like that: \Dganttbar[progress=00, name=test1]{Text in outer label}{Text in ganttbar}{01.01.2018}{01.02.2018}.
    – Dave
    Commented Nov 25, 2017 at 3:14

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