How do I do list items so that the number is adjacent to the first item? For example:

1. a. Eggs
   b. Feathers

2  a. Mention two...

   b. How can we...

   c. List three...

With good spacing and also maybe if multiple choice question of choice large capital letters, like

1. What is the name given....
   A. Hen
   B. cock

   D. None of the above

It is easy with the package enumitem.



\item Eggs.
\item Feathers.
\item Mention two\dots
\item How can we\dots
\item List three\dots


\item What is the name given\dots
\item Hen
\item Cock
\item None of the above

enter image description here

  • Feel free to ask if you need any clarification. – karlkoeller Feb 25 '14 at 18:12

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