I'd like to know how to write a *.cwl file for Kile (the LaTeX editor for KDE Debian 7.3) with a list of shortcut words, that I use often such as bcc= because, e--= electrons, h0= holes and so forth. I've read the Kile handbook but it isn't clear on what is the correct formatting.

  1. How do I write the cwl file?
  2. Where do I save it so that Kile sees it and accepts it?
  3. How do I call the different shortcuts while typing in Kile? Spacebar + smth...?

Is there a tutorial or a more detailed guide and examples? I'm looking for something equivalent to the "Macros" feature of TEXStudio.

EDIT: I think what I'm looking for are Abbreviations.


These are indeed abbreviations.

I did a quick search on my linux system and found example.cwl:

# abbreviation mode: example
# dani/8.1.2004
bab=babel package
bar=baselineskip rubber length
bdc=book document class
bi=bibliography styles
bip=bibliography style parameters
kile=KDE integrated LaTeX editor

I think the format is quite clear: you type the abbreviation followed by a = followed by the expanded item. Lines starting with # are used for comment.

You install such a file by specifying it in Settings > Configure Kile... > Complete > Abbreviation

You can also enable Abbreviation mode. In case the abbreviation should only be expanded occasionally, you hit Ctrl+Alt+Space after typing for instance bip.

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