My question is an extension from the question "bodegraph on Ubuntu 10.04"

Based on the answers of that question, we can either put all generated *.gnuplot in the directory gnuplot/\jobname/, or in the current directory with the tex file by using the accepted answer of that question.

My questions are: how to manipulate the command gnuplot def/.append style={prefix={}} to define a customized folder for all those generated *.gnuplot files? And a further question is: is there any tutorial talking about the configurations after \begin{tikzpicture}?

Take this figure as an example. First of all, it would generate 16 extra files with .gnuplot or .table. I'd like to put them in a separate folder. Furthermore, for the configuration after \begin{tikzpicture}:

    ref lines/.style={thin, blue!60},
    ref points/.style={circle, black, opacity=0.7, fill, minimum size= 3pt, inner sep=0},
    every node/.style={font=\small},
    bode lines/.style={very thick, blue},

I can guess their intension, but I don't know what the syntax rule is.


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