I write some presentation with beamer. In the middle between each section I create some frame for outline content. But because presentation too long, I used \includeonlyframes{current} command to shorten compilation time, so some part of that frame will be visible and other not visible. For simplicity, I set \newcommand{} to that frame (outline frame). Now, how to set some of that frame available after compilation and other not visible. I mean how to call command with no argument. For example I create command

\tableofcontents[currentsection , hideothersubsections ]

And I will call that command with no argument like \current for section that beyond my current editing, becasued I need some of that frame will not visible. I just need to show frame that related with my current editing (current section).

      \tableofcontents[currentsection , hideothersubsections ]

Will use the frame only for \current[something] but not for \current or \current[]

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