I'm using TeXStudio (2.6.2) for all my tex documents. For my thesis I'm using biblatex, but for papers I usally use bibtex. Therefor I always have to change the configuration of TeXStudio when I'm switching to another document. Is there a !TEX like directive for TeXStudio so I can configure it on a per document base? I've seen here that TeXShop supports !BIB program = .... I tried that in TeXStudio, but unfortunately it does not work. I also haven't found any indication in the manual that there is something like that. So my question is: Is there any kind of such a directive for TeXStudio or some other easy work around?


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You can use % !TeX TXS-program:bibliography = txs:///biber. This is a general syntax. TXS understands a number of commands (each starting with txs:///). You will find the names when hovering over the command names in the options pages Command and Build. The above means that a call to txs:///bibliography (actually that's called when you click the Bibliography menu item) should be resolved to txs:///biber (which in turn resolves to the exact biber call).

Future releases (2.7.x) will also support % !BIB program = biber to remain fully compatible with the TeXShop syntax.

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    It should be % !TeX TXS-program:bibliography = txs:///biber as you described in the feature request. And that works like a charm! Thanks for the quick response.
    – quinmars
    Mar 6, 2014 at 21:58

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