In WinEdt (v8.1) when I press F9 I believe the macro PDFTeXify is run.

Is it possible to check this setting somewhere, e.g. to get an overview of all keyboard shortcuts?

  • Which version of WinEdt do you use?
    – Mico
    Mar 5, 2014 at 13:34

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Go to OptionsOptions Interface. Choose (single click) Main Menu. Click on the down arrow (circled in red). Click on Shortcuts. Now all the short cuts are copied to clip board. Open a new file and paste.

enter image description here

All the short cuts can be seen as in the screen shot. I did this in version 8.1.

  • It works. Although I cannot verify from this information whether F9 and PDFTeXify are equal commands.
    – Gerard
    Mar 5, 2014 at 13:56

Harish has already anwered your question, but the shortcut F9 does not necessarily run the "PDFTeXify" command.

In fact, if you paste the shortcuts in a blank document as described in Harish's answer, you will probably see

F9                     &Accessories|HTML &Help Compiler
F9                     &Accessories|&Compile
F9                     &Accessories|Compile &NSIS Script
F9                     &Accessories|&Compile

This means that F9 is a so called configuration-dependant shortcut.

If you go to Options -> Configurations menu you will see

enter image description here

As you can see, WinEdt can be used not only as a TeX editor, but also to edit NSIS scripts, HTML Help projects.

If you choose "NSIS Editor" from this menu, F9 becomes a shortcut to "Compile NSIS Script".

Now, you surely won't bother about this, and you are probably using the "Default" configuration. In this case, F9 is a shortcut to "Compile".

The "Compile" command is a so called mode-dependant command, which means that it does different things depending on the mode of your document.

The mode of your document can be seen in the status line at the bottom of the editor window. When editing TeX documents, you will see something like

enter image description here

which tells you that you are in "TeX" mode.

The command "Compile" runs MetaPost if you are in "MetaPost" mode, MetaFont if you are in "MetaFont" mode, and so on. When you are in "TeX" mode, it runs PDFTeXify, or TeXify, or TeXify+DVIPS depending on the "PDFTeXify Method" you have chosen in the "TeX Options" tab of the Execution Modes interface (Options menu):

enter image description here

Ultimately, F9 runs "PDFTeXify" only if you are in a TeX-related configuration, and your document is in "TeX" mode, and you have chosen "PDFTeXify" as "PDFTeXify Method", which are probably the settings you are using.

BTW: the shortcut that runs (for sure) "PDFTeXify" is Shift+Ctrl+P

Thanks for reading this answer :-)

  • As I doubted, F9 is the mode dependant compilation short cut. Am I right?
    – user11232
    Mar 6, 2014 at 5:47
  • @HarishKumar It is configuration-dependant and mode-dependant. Mar 6, 2014 at 5:49

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