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I have a *.tex file open in WinEdt which inputs a few other .tex files.

Previously, I was able to compile my files by hitting F9 from within any of the files in the Tree panel. But now after any change, I have to go to the main file (at the top of the Tree) and compile from there, which is a bit cumbersome. Any ideas how I can get WinEdt (version 8.0) to compile from anywhere by hitting F9?

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  • Set the main file (menu project or with strg+F5) – Ulrike Fischer Mar 6 '14 at 17:09

You have to set the main file by going to ProjectSet Main File with main.tex file open in the current tab. Alternatively you can use the short cut Ctrl + F5 as commented by Ulrike Fischer. The third option is to use the tool bar button:

enter image description here

If I press the button shown by arrow, the file doii.tex becomes the main file (for example). The second button will do the reverse i.e., it will remove the main file status.

Note that by declaring main file, you are using a project and if you don't create a new project (under Project menu), the default project file Winedt.prj will be used.

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