I have a problem wit the fixme package, I can get it to work, but it wont be suggested as a command. I know that it works because when I write \fxnote{something} it compiles without a problem. I have made sure that I got it as an .cwl file in the correct folder and in the TeXstudio editor (the on I use) I have forced it to be recognized as an command. I have uploaded some screenshots that shows what I have written above:

enter image description here

Can anyone help without suggesting that I change editor? I really like TeXstudio?


I assume, the fixme.cwl was autogenerated. It seems that in this case the autogeneration mechanism was not able to extract the information from the fixme package that \fxnote is a valid command. Check if \fxnote is in your fixme.cwl. If not, simply add it (Note: You need to restart TXS afterwards).

If this did not help, see the FAQ on unrecognized commands and commands not showing in the completer.

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