How to highlight particular ranges of lhs2TeX code in beamer?

Naive example (to be preprocessed with lhs2TeX --agda):

%include agda.fmt
somefunction :  {-"\begin{alertenv}"-}importantaspect{-"\end{alertenv}"-}

Compiling such a snippet fails with:

./test.tex:308: Incompatible glue units.
\reset@color ->\beamer@lastskip =\lastskip 
                                           \edef \beamer@lastskiptexta {\the...
l.308 \end{frame}

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In Agda mode, the alerted region contains an occurrence of \;, as you can observe if you look at the generated code:


This is triggering the error (it's a muskip and apparently something tries to put it into a normal skip register, leading to the incompatibility error; however, I don't currently completely understand who's responsible). One can argue that lhs2TeX shouldn't put the skip there in the first place.

I can see two workarounds.

(1) Put another skip in that's easier to digest:

somefunction :  {-"\begin{alertenv}"-}importantaspect{-"\hskip0pt\end{alertenv}"-}

(2) Avoid the skip from being inserted by using a different formatting mechanism, for example

%format Importantaspect = "\alert{" importantaspect "}"

and then

somefunction :  Importantaspect
  • I updated the question with a minimally complete example. Two aspects were missing from the original question: A second line and --agda.
    – Helmut
    Mar 11, 2014 at 8:11
  • I've adapted the answer.
    – kosmikus
    Mar 11, 2014 at 9:05

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