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The following steps to rebuild TikZ's pgfmanual.pdf fail on Windows 7 64 bit using MikTex and bash shell:

  1) cp -iar /c/opt/miktex_2.9/doc/generic/pgf  .
  2) cd  pgf/version-for-luatex/en
  3) Modify line 10 in both files pgfmanual-test.tex
     and pgfmanual.tex so that it becomes:


  4) mkdir plots
  5) make
  6) The command "grep gnuplot *log" shows lines such as:

     runsystem(gnuplot plots/pgf-x.gnuplot)...disabled.

  7) Run gnuplot on each of the 8 files in plots/*gnuplot,
     which results in 8 files plots/*table

  8) make; make; make; make

     The last make reports that there was nothing to do for 'all'.


  1. Page size continues to be A4 (rather than letter)
  2. Built document has only 1142 A4 pages (pre-built manual has 1165 A4 pages)

So question: how to build the TikZ manual in letter size with all the information present?

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